Our pasture

With self-managed pasture in Inner Mongolia that models ethical and humane animal stewardship, we are able to guarantee best quality cashmere for our products. The scientific method of herding avoids the permanent damage on steppe and desertification. The sustainability matters to balance the nature and ethereal material.


Our premium cashmere is collected exclusively by delicately hand-combing the goat. As the cashmere goats grow thick coats in the winter, they want to get rid of the coat in the spring. It's like giving your pet cat a brush and they run off happily. Combing is not only stress-relieving for them but also better off their blood circulation like massage.

Our cashmere

Cashmere has extraordinary heat-regulating properties, which have evolved as a result of the goats' need to withstand the area’s high temperature excursions ranging from +50C° to - 50C°. Our premium cashmere is the result of a meticulous selection of raw material. The fiber we use measures average 14 microns in diameter and 36 millimeter in length. It is known for its incredibly soft, warm, yet lightweight and breathable qualities.

Sophisticated Operations

Our sophisticated operation and technology used in the cashmere selection, spinning, dyeing and weaving processes ensure the extremely fine, supple, hard-wearing yarn and the best combination of the structural knitting and fabric’s features. The final touch is the finishing, which gives the material back its original morphological properties. KASHETTE controls each stage of the entire value chain and assure they all follow criteria of maximum sustainability.